Make your voice heard. Make your vote count.

Vote for Victor San Vicente for California State Senate District 10.

A vote for the Party of Abraham Lincoln is a vote to relieve the Middle and Working Class of the crushing weight of unfair, oppressive taxes like the Gas Tax which we have to repeal (Vote Yes on 6). It is a vote for the small guy, a vote to bring back power to the people. It is a vote for peace and prosperity. It is a vote to take back California.

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California State Senate District 10

About Victor San Vicente

  • Tirelessly Involved Citizen (Member Milpitas Rotary Club, Police Volunteer, S.A.F.E.)
  • Community Hero Award 2018 (Assemblyman Kansen Chu)
  • Results oriented Small Business Advocate (Board of Directors of Milpitas Chamber of Commerce - 15-year member)
  • Proactive Committed Real Estate and Mortgage Broker (15 years in the Real Estate and Mortgage Business – active member of SCCAOR, CAR, and NAR. Join lobby teams yearly to Sacramento on Legislative Day)
  • Experienced Defense Contractor and Hi-Tech Industry in Silicon Valley (Senior Engineer/Consultant for companies such as Lockheed, IBM and Oracle - 22 years)
  • Forward thinking entrepreneurial, state-of-the-art mindset - Member AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence)
  • Support Abraham Lincoln's philosophy of fairness and decency for everyone, and respect for the law with justice and equality for all citizens.